Our Half-Day Camp Themes


Secret Agent Lab

Look out, 007! – Mad Science’s Secret Agent Lab will help you sharpen your secret spy skills as you learn about the science of sleuthing! Campers will have the opportunity to step into the shoes of a detective as they learn all about forensic science by decoding messages, gathering evidence, checking out spy gear and cracking security systems.


NASA: Jr Astronauts

Set your future space explorers on a trajectory from our Earth’s atmosphere to the outer reaches of our solar system! This hands-on program brings them closer to the stars, planets, comets, and more. They learn about living in space, getting away from gravity, looking for space phenomena, and they participate in a rocket launch!


Science in Motion

Take a walk on the wild side, kids will have fun with hands-on experiments that will increase their understanding of our Earth and Animals! Learn how animals are camouflaged and go on the hunt for scents and discover what adversely affects our planet as we explore conservation. Experiment with inertia and gravity as you learn how they work together to help you enjoy your favorite sports.


Advanced Robotics

Investigate the effects of Newton’s Laws as you engineer games and explore gravitational energy, potential energy & kinetic energy! Master the science behind the most thrilling rides on Earth. Discover the exciting side of physics and robotics while designing, experimenting, & building the Mad Science Odessey, your very own roller coaster to take home!


Robots 101

Children learn about the uses of robots in our world and spend time experimenting with super cool red-hot robots. They discover the science of circuits and how robots use sensors to explore things around them. They build their very own working robot to take home with them!


Galaxy Defenders

This program focuses on rockets and the physics of rocket flight. After learning the model rocket safety code, campers build ten different types of rockets and participate in the launching of 6 different rockets.


Rockin' Rockets & Aerodynamics

From the earliest flying machines to the first rocket flights, this hands-on program for children (ages 7-12) will allow them to build many different flying devices, see how Newton's laws of motion help explain how things move and how rockets fly, and show them how amazing our Milky Way is.


Science in Action

Discover how things move with science. View the world through a camera obscura, different lenses and Kaleidoscopes. Make and take home a periscope, assemble and control pulleys, levers, catapults, and mega pinchers. Chemically compose your own sidewalk chalk, grow your own crystal gardens and play with Magic Mud


Little Scientist Preschool Lab

This five-session preschool camp offers young children (ages 3-5) an exciting introduction to basic environmental science. With each session, children enrich their understanding of how living things grow and how they interact with the environment around them, through different aspects of the garden.


MS: Forensics Lab

Mad Science Investigators: Focus on the science of Forensics in this hands-on look at crime scenes. Identify and collect evidence, from fingerprints to tracks to trash! Recreate the scene of a crime using clues and detailed observations. Campers will use science to connect the dots and help sniff out the suspects in this hands-on investigation.


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