Our Party Themes


Science Blast- The Original Mad Science Party!

Kids will be amazed when they create mini tornadoes using our vortex generators and our tornado tubes. Hear the story of Eggbert and help us as we solve his problem using SCIENCE. And learn about atoms and how to create and break bonds including the ones to make your take home!


GLOW and Behold!

Turn down the lights and turn up the fun, these experiments are sure to dazzle and amaze party goers as they watch water “disappear” in a glass, see white light split into all the colors of the rainbow, and have some of their very own indoor fireworks to celebrate.


Halloween Spooktacular

Celebrate the spooky season with our Halloween-themed science party! Children use science to reverse a witch's spell on Count Eggbert. They also experience creepy potions, a dry ice cemetery effect, and floating eyeballs that will amaze everyone!


Energise It!

Get set for some sparks in this animated romp into energy! Party goers capture a string of lightning beads, levitate with static electricity, and hop to a heat beat! This energetic party ends with a blast!


Ooey Gooey Slime Party

This Mad Science Party is all about SLIME! Slimey demonstrations that foam fizz and expand help teach kids how exciting polymers can be. The highlight of course is making slime. Party participants create 3 different take home slime varieties!


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